Hyper-V: Blue Screen & Unable to Access Data Folder

I am doing some work on my Hyper-V lab machine at home that requires a lot of VM’s and a lot of disk space.  My eSATA disk just does not have the space so I had to do the unthinkable: use a 1TB USB 2.0 drive that I had sitting spare to store some VM’s (please do not ever do this in production).  It will be slow but I can live with that for some lab stuff.

I attached the drive, cleared off a few bits and pieces, and used VMM Quick Storage Migration to move a bunch of VM’s over.  I deployed a new VM and started working on it.  It blue screened soon after boot up.  Strange!  I haven’t seen that before.  I worked on it again and *bang* it was gone again.

My first suspect was W 2008 R2 SP1 beta, but I soon had a clue that it wasn’t at fault.  In event viewer, under Hyper-V-VMMSAdmin I saw a bunch of errors telling me that Hyper-V could access various folders, including snapshots (I know I tell you not to use them in production but I use them in a lab) and data folders.  The alerts associated with my new VM cooincided with the crash.

I appeared to have a permissions issue.  I didn’t have time to figure out exactly what was at fault.  Instead I moved the VMs, formatted the volume, and moved the VMs back again.  Everything is working perfectly.

I reckon the info on this post has the answer.

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