Clustered Hyper-V Host Virtual Machine Capacity Increases

Last week at TechEd, Microsoft announced an increase in the number of supported virtual machines in a Hyper-V Cluster.  You may know that a Hyper-V host supports up to 384 running VM’s.  But up to now, only 64 VM’s were supported on a clustered Hyper-V host.

That changes now.  Microsoft supports up to 1000 VM’s in a cluster, regardless of how many Hyper-V hosts are in the cluster.  With one exception,of course: You’ll see that a 2 node cluster is limited to 384 VM’s (N+1 hosts) because of the Hyper-V limit of 384 per host.

  • 16 nodes: ~62 VM’s/node
  • 8 nodes: 125 VM’s/node
  • 4 nodes: 250 VM’s/node
  • 3 nodes: 333 VM’s/node
  • 2 nodes: 384 VM’s/node

This is nicely timed with Dynamic Memory and new CPU’s allowing for greater numbers of VM’s per host.  Now we can host them in a supported manner.

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