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This is the first session I am attending this morning.  It is being presented by Saša Mašić.

3 comments for ESX from the audience:

  • OS Support
  • Administration tools easier to use
  • Available appliances from third parties

Some incorrect comments from the audience about backup at the host level.  Claims that only VMware supports this with third party products.  Untrue.  You most certainly can do this with Hyper-V.  It’s even better because it has cascading VSS from the host/file system, into the VM and then into the VM’s VSS writers.  I make a brief response/correction but leave it there … I smell fanboyism and am not here for an argument.

The speaker rarely gets customer requests for XenServer implementations and asks the audience about their experiences.  It appears that it tends to be restricted to organizations who are heavily invested in Citrix licensing.

1 person has done Xen in production – using Essentials for management.  The conversation has switched to management.

Only a few of us (including me) think Storage VMotion is a valuable feature.

It turns out that I am the only Hyper-V user in the audience.  I’m not very surprised – PubForum folks are very ahead of the curve and they would have been invested in VMware a long time ago.

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One thought on “PubForum: Virtualization Buzz – Comparing Products”

  1. VMware FUD is prevailing in all countries ( i am french).
    The VMware Army and internal salesforce keep on claiming broader OS support, superiror user experience and look & feel, HA and Live migration improved (notably because of VM restart prioritization), better performance (they will come out with 2 or 3 benchmarks), more secure and stable (BSofD, weight of kernel, not as many patches,…), better drivers management (truth is probably the opposite), better SAP, Oracle and Sage support (there is some truth…), better memory management (overcommit no good for every datacenter and SP2 will tackle this issue), more features (who needs Storage vMotion, Fault Tolerance, vDistributed Switch).

    IT resellers need Microsoft to put an end to this FUD, prove SCVMM and Essentials work just as fine as half the price than VMware.

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