My Lab is Remotely Accessible – TS Gateway

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.  We’ve been using TS Gateway for remotely accessible solutions for our customers at work for a while now.  This evening, I set up my Hyper-V/Virtual Server/vSphere lab to be remotely accessible from anywhere.  This will allow me to access my lab and work on the book even if I am commuting on public transport or am in remote locations.

It was simple enough to configure.  I added the Remote Desktop Services role (I’m using W2008 R2.  Use Terminal Services on W2008), choosing only the TS Gateway Role Service, to my Hyper-V host (don’t add any roles other than Hyper-V to hosts in production!!!).  The TS RAP allows my user account to access all devices.  It’s all configured on my netbook so I can use it while at PubForum.

Yes, this would be all easier with Home Server but I have my reasons not to deploy that for a while yet.

Now I can RDP into the lab and work away, just as if I was sitting in front of it.  Pretty sweet!  It even works perfectly well over 3G connections.

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