KB976323 Wipes the SMTP Configuration

The Windows update MS10-24 for SMTP will wipe the SMTP configuration on Windows Server 2008.  I discovered this today when we found SMTP was no longer relaying email (or accepting local connections) on a couple of servers.  One server and I was scratching my head.  The second one and I knew there was only one common denominator.

It took me a couple of different search attempts to find the culprit.  Even then, I went to the official page for this update and I had to click through 3 pages to find a warning that there might be an issue (I linked the eventual page above).

The developer of this automatic update expects you to magically script a solution to run before the update and after it.  This will backup your SMTP configuration and restore it.  That’s even assuming that your crystal ball has warned you of a problem.  The next time I hear a MS security evangelist talk about instant approval and deployment of updates … …

I know the issue with this update is an exception.  But I am not impressed.  Believe me – I am holding back on how unimpressed I am.

*counting down from 10, 9, 8 …*

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