Exchange 2010 Support For Virtualisation

I hadn’t really read this one too much because I don’t deal with Exchange very often.  But it came up on the Minasi Forum over the last few days and Jetze Mellema (Exchange MVP) posted a link to the official support article.

Does Exchange 2010 support virtualisation?  Yes … barely.  There’s so many notes associated with the support statement from the Exchange teams that you really want to sit back and go Hmmm!

Obviously it supports Hyper-V and other hardware virtualisation solutions in the Windows Server Virtualization Validation Program.

Microsoft goes on to say:

  • The Unified Messaging server role is not supported in VM’s.
  • Virtual disks that dynamically expand aren’t supported by Exchange.
  • Virtual disks that use differencing or delta mechanisms (such as Hyper-V’s differencing VHDs or snapshots) aren’t supported.

Other notes from this site are:

  • You cannot run a DAG on a clustered host, e,g. a VMware cluster with VMotion or a Hyper-V cluster with Live/Quick Migration.
  • Snapshots of the VM are not supported.
  • The Exchange team supports no more than 2 virtual processors per logical processor on the host.  For example, you cannot have more than 16 virtual processors on a dual, quad core host (8 logical processors).  Normally, Hyper-V has a max of 8:1 ratio.
  • Like with SQL, snapshots are not supported.

Not that these restrictions don’t just apply to Hyper-V.  They apply to all virtualisation solutions.

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