Hyper-V Linux Integration Components V2.0 With RedHat Support

Microsoft released version 2.0 of the Linux Integration Components for Hyper-V on the 29th of January.  They include support for installing on not only SUSE Enterprise Linux (10 SP1 and 10 SP2) but also RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.

Now I’ve got to expand the possible Linux OS’s I would run on my Hyper-V farm.  Remember, I’m monitoring using Operations Manager 2007 R2.  It can support RHEL 4 and RHEL 5.  Hyper-V now has supported integration components for RHEL 5.

That means I can now run SLES 10 SP1 or RHEL 5 on my Hyper-V farm and be able to monitor the internal goings-on of those VM’s using Operations Manager 2007 R2.  I’m more likely to go with RHEL.  It appears to me to be more accepted and has more documentation in the blog-o-sphere that SLES.

2 thoughts on “Hyper-V Linux Integration Components V2.0 With RedHat Support”

  1. What about the cpu restriction? I hear the RHEL guest can only have 1 proc? Doesn’t that limit what you can run there? Hear anything about working around this? Thanks!

    1. It’s true; Linux VM’s on Hyper-V can only have one virtual CPU. There isn’t a current solution for this.

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