Hyper-V VMQ Unsupported By Intel NIC Teaming Pre 15.0

I was looking up something for someone earlier when I found that Intel NIC teaming does not support Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ) or VMDq as Intel calls it. 

“… teaming is not compatible with VMDq and Hyper-V*. Intel PROSet version 14.7 or later will automatically disable VMDq for adapters in teams. Intel plans a future software release that will allow both ANS teaming and VMDq to be enabled at the same time.

If you use Intel PROSet versions prior to version 14.7 to configure teams or VLANs with Virtual Machine Queues enabled, system instability may occur including a potential Windows* bug check (popularly known as Blue Screen of Death or BSOD).

To recover from a Windows* bug check (BSOD) caused by configuring ANS teams or VLANS, unplug the Ethernet cables. After starting Windows remove the ANS configured teams and VLANs or disable Virtual Machine Queues”.

EDIT #1:

As you’ll see in the comments, the Intel v15.0 drivers do add support for VMW with Intel NIC teaming.  Thanks to Brian Johnson of Intel for that info.

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8 thoughts on “Hyper-V VMQ Unsupported By Intel NIC Teaming Pre 15.0”

  1. Looks like th 15.0 drivers support teaming and VMQ. I just installed and this time the software didn’t disable the feature.

  2. Teaming was not support by Microsoft when using VMQ so we had to disable it in our driver. In the 15.0 release we were able to add support for Teaming and VMQ.

    I will let our support team know to update the FAQ and release notes with information on VMQ and Teaming support.

    Brian Johnson – Intel LAN Access Division

  3. Update:
    So I talked to engineering and they are updating the FAQ and the Release Notes to state that Teaming and VMQ are now supported when you use the 15.0 driver. The updates should be posted by the end of the week.

    Thanks for using Intel(R) Ethernet products and VMDq.


  4. Hmmm, I installed this driver set on a Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 box. install worked fine but my Server_Core_Scripts directory vanished. Copied it back in but can’t get VMQ to enable. Any ideas?

    cscript Adapter_SetSetting.vbs 1 *VMQ Enabled
    returns: SettingValue not valid: Enabled even though

    cscript Adapter_GetSetting.vbs 1 *VMQ returns
    *VMQ – Disabled

  5. Well, not exactly obvious, or even published as I can tell, but you use a 1 for enabling the feature

    cscript Adapter_SetSetting.vbs 1 *VMQ 1
    will enable VMQ for that adapter

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