ACT for Configuration Manager

Those Configuration Manager teams in Redmond must be incredibly busy and well managed.  They have two product developments going on (ConfigMgr 2007 R3 and ConfigMgr v.Next) as well as producing add-ons for existing products.

The latest is the Application Compatibility Toolkit for Configuration Manager as blogged about by Jeff Wettlaufer.  The concept is simple enough; using ConfigMgr you can audit your existing desktops to see which applications you have.  You can use this information to assess Windows 7 compatibility.  It will also do the same for device drivers.  This reads like MAP for Windows 7 taking on the power and scalability of ConfigMgr.  MAP would be fine in a single office.  ConfigMgr takes this to the WAN.

That’s another bow to the string for Windows 7 deployment in the Enterprise.

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