Poorly Planned Virtualisation Projects

This short article is an interesting read.  The author discusses how UK CIO’s feel virtualisation projects are not going to plan and aren’t returning the expected savings.  VDI is pointed out.  Yeap, VDI is one that a lot of us misunderstood early on (including me).  I’ve tried pricing it and it’s definitely more expensive than PC’s.  The management needs are at least the same if not slightly more.  But it does offer some advantages in niche areas over Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services is too unclear now because it refers to both VDI and Terminal Services) and traditional PC’s.

Planning seems to be a problem.  That’s nothing new in IT.  The problem here is too few organisations hire the right people or bring in the right consultants.  Way too often consultants over state their skills and hiring managers hire the wrong people.  Like the old saying states: you can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear.

Virtualisation is complex and diverse.  It has to be thought of as a vertical foundation that becomes the bedrock for many types of IT and business application that will rest upon it.  When you have a shaky foundation, you have a shaky business.  Get it right and everything resting on it has a chance to succeed.

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