Hyper-V Snapshots _Are_ Supported in Production

I’ve stated numerous times that Hyper-V snapshots (AKA VMM checkpoints) are not supported in production.  This was based on what I had been told by members of staff at MS PSS.  Well, I got corrected on that last night by a senior member of the product teams in Redmond. 

Snapshots are supported in production.  The qualification is that you need to know what you are doing and realise that there are side effects.

Browse back through my blog and you’ll see how I’ve seen massive side effects and drops in performance.  I’d certainly not recommend to anyone that they use snapshots in production.  But MS will support you if you do.

By the way, Microsoft does not support the use of snapshots on virtual machines running Active Directory Domain Services (domain controllers) or the Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services role.

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