Thinking About HP and Microsoft’s Announcement

You’ve probably already read about the announcement where HP and Microsoft are aligning their technologies on the virtualisation, management, storage and deployment front.  Slap-bang in the middle of this is Hyper-V.

This was interesting.  Even up to last month, HP in Ireland was pretending Hyper-V didn’t exist.  Every bit of their marketing was 100% around VMware.  Their biggest enterprise storage/server reseller only started to play with Hyper-V for the very first time in December, only to see if it was something they wanted to sell or not.

Now we read that HP considers Hyper-V to be their primary virtualisation platform.  I’d wonder if that’s something to do with EMC and VMware cosying up to each other.  HP would prefer their LeftHand, EVA and XP SAN to be in that position, I’m sure.  If they’d hung around then I’m sure Dell would have taken a strong position with Microsoft on this front.  They’re equally as capable with their server, storage and System Center integration – which you could argue is as good, if not better, than HP’s.  And there is the NetApp alliance with MS on the Hyper-V front.  Talking with HP people from time to time and reading HP blogs, they really do not like NetApp!

I’m a HP Blade, EVA, Hyper-V and System Center customer so the HP/MS announcement is good for me.  I’d guess we won’t see anything of substance this year.  I’d hope whatever comes won’t just be some paid for bolt on in the HP catalog.  I’d expect to see developments on EVA CLX to give us CSV between EVA SAN’s in different sites (only support per LUN VM deployments at the moment) and a solution for the XP.  There’ll probably be some Hyper-V branded LeftHand as well – HP are really pushing LeftHand iSCSI storage and I can see why.  It’s an attractive looking package.

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One thought on “Thinking About HP and Microsoft’s Announcement”

  1. Hi Aidan,

    I’m convinced it has a lot to do with CISCO/EMC/VMWare (vBlock). And the NetApp/MS – HP/MS doesn’t rule out DELL/MS on that front. After all it’s becoming a struggle of power blocks in IT as more and more consolidations and mergers in the industry materialize. It’s a bit ironic perhaps for “the other side” that MS with it’s different partnerships will perhaps offer more choice than the big vBlock? I’d hate to see the cloud end up like your telco/ISP saga …a choice between the pest en cholera. How we love our Telco’s … giant billing machines and nothing more. Let’s hope the cloud doesn’t go there.


    Didier Van Hoye

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