How Unprofessional Is Vodafone Ireland?

You can probably guess what my answer will be to that after I previously asked How Bad Is Vodafone Ireland Home Broadband?

Yesterday afternoon I was called by an engineering team leader by the name of Graham Jenkins.  I was in the car and couldn’t talk so I let the call go to voice mail.  I called him back this morning and left a voice mail for him.  At 16:16 today, Graham called me back.  He promised an engineer would call me at either 18:00 or 19:00 this evening to investigate the issues I’ve encountered, and that many others have told me or posted on Facebook and the Vodafone forums that they’ve also encountered.

18:00 rolls by and there’s no call.  19:00 rolls by and there’s no call.  Maybe the Vodafone Ireland phone network is broken now?  No, it’s the unprofessional behaviour I’ve come to expect from Vodafone Ireland.  It took over a week before a previous promised engineer call took place.

I guess what’ll happen next is some disgruntled engineer that can barely speak the local language will call me and say everything is fine on their network and my PC must be broken.

Yeah, sure … along with the other 2 and the second router.  Let’s see what they try next.

By the way, my public speaking schedule for the year is filling up nicely.

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