My Very First WordPress Blog Post

This is my very first blog post on my new WordPress site.  I’ve been thinking about doing this for quite some time.  I’ve set up a few very basic sites in the past (and this one continues the theme) and the site we have at work is based on WordPress (though not quite so basic).

What pushed me from Live Spaces to WordPress?  As you might notice, I am a big Microsoft fan.  I try to keep things simple and use their integrated products as much as I can.  However, I got more and more frustrated with Live Spaces as a blog service as time went by.  It hasn’t developed at all since I started using it back in 2006.  During the summer they changed the all-too-basic stat counter so it wouldn’t record RSS statistics.  All the while the amount of spam comment postings was mad.  Lately it’s gotten to be unbearable.  Microsoft’s support wouldn’t respond either via Live or via other avenues so I decided to make a change.  Finally, I wanted a search engine for my blog.  Live doesn’t have that and WordPress does.  I use my blog as my personal notebook and I got tired of using Google to search my Live blog.

So here I am!

All this was made possible by many people:

  • Gavin Duncan helped a good bit by answering my questions and trying to figure out things for me.
  • The folks on Twitter helped out.
  • I wanted to make sure I brought my content over from my old blog.  Given that there are thousands of blog posts I can’t really update all of the URL’s.  Getting the content over was a nightmare.  I used the Live Space Mover to get the content out of Spaces.  MS does their best  to lock you in on Live.  The Python script was installed into a VM along with the prerequisites.  It took a while to get the Live blog configured correctly (mainly the time and date formats) but eventually the export job ran.  Then I had problems importing the content.  The problem appeared to be that my 4.9MB upload was timing out.  So I opened up Wordpad and chopped up the file.  I made sure to keep the header section (not sure if it was required after the first import) in the start of each XML file.  Then I broke up the doc in 5 pieces before an <item> tag and after a </item> tag.

This will be an ongoing learning experience for me.  I’ve got to learn things like SEO, tagging (why the heck is it different to categories!), etc.  I’ve put in a bunch of SEO and associated plug-ins and I’m hoping they do the work for me!  We’ll see.

For now, the Live blog is dead.  I’m going to be bringing the whitepapers over as time goes by.  All live content will be on this blog.

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