Event for Microsoft Partners – An Introduction To Windows Intune

My employers, MicroWarehouse, is running a road show on Feb 20-22 in Cork, Dublin, and Belfast on Windows Intune, Microsoft’s cloud based remote support and management solution.

This event, for Microsoft partners only (strictly no exceptions), will be on at:

  • Cork, Monday Feb 20, Light Breakfast from 8.45am, Seminar: 9.30am, Q & A: 11am, Rochestown Park Hotel (Douglas).
  • Dublin, Tuesday Feb 21, Light Breakfast from 8.30am, Seminar: 9.15am, Q & A: 11am, Radisson Blu (Golden Lane)
  • Belfast, Wednesday Feb 22, Light Breakfast from 8.45am, Seminar: 9.30am, Q & A: 11am, Radisson Blue (Cromac Place)

There will be a 1 hour presentation introducing Intune, talking about the scenarios, the business case, and selling/operating it as a value added reseller.  I will be doing a 30 minute demonstration of the product in action.

It should be fun … the Cork event will be my first day back in work after spending next week up the side of a frozen mountain near the arctic circle in Norway.

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Windows Intune Client Fails With 0x80cf402c or 0x8024402c

I’ve started working on Microsoft Windows Intune as part of my role with work.  I’m building up a demo lab and I need it to be able to perform somewhat decently when I’m using hotel wifi.  My big concern is pushing out software.  I’m using a small software package, but hotel wifi can crawl. 

My setup is simple enough. I’m using my “beast” laptop and it is ins with Windows 8 Developer Preview (client) with Hyper-V enabled.  I started out just with a simple Win 7 VM sitting on an external switch with Internet access.  Everything worked fine – reporting, software deployment, AV, etc.

For Internet performance boost (hopefully), I installed a VM with FreeProxy.  It was dual homed on the external switch and on an internal switch.  I moved the Win 7 VM to the internal switch and I configured the IE proxy.  Browsing worked OK.  I tested some Intune software deployment.  That works by using Windows Update, which points at Intune.  That when I got a 0x8024402c fail.  That WU error is related to proxy settings.  Huh?  I’d configured that.  I found a fix, but more later.

I wanted to scale out my lab for a more realistic demo.  I deployed out more Wni7 VMs from my generalised image.  They were popped behind my proxy on the internal switch.  I tried to install the Intune client but I got this error:

The software cannot be installed: 0x80cf402c

I’d already fixed the Windows Update issue so I guessed (correctly) what the fix was.  WU is not checking the IE proxy settings.  The fix was to run an elevated command prompt and run:

netsh winhttp set proxy <proxy name or IP>:<port>

For example:

netsh winhttp set proxy

When I tested Intune client operations after that, everything worked fine.  It’s a pain, but you can avoid this if you configure Web Proxy Auto Detect (WPAD).  Windows Update can use this as an alternative way to configure WinHTTP.

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