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Hyper-V versus vSphere Market Share

This was just shown by Kevin Turner (COO Microsoft) at WPC 2013: Not bad from 0.  Look at the trend over the pas 2 years. Technorati Tags: Windows Server 2012,Windows Server 2008 R2,Hyper-V,Virtualisation,VMware Please follow and like us:

Comparing WS2012 R2 Hyper-V and vSphere 5.1

Bring on the hate!  (which gets *ahem* moderated but those vFanboys will attempt to post anyway).  Matt McSpirit of Microsoft did his now regular comparison of the latest versions of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V and VMware vSphere 5.1 at TechEd NA 2013 (original video & deck here).  Here are my notes on the…

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Hyper-V Versus vSphere – Comparing Apples With Apples

After reading yet-another-uninformed-pro-vSphere blog post on a tech “news” site, I just have to say something.  Stop.  Please stop.  Today I read on Tech World that Microsoft does not have anything to compare with DRS.  Eh, Dynamic Optimization anybody? EDIT: The latest last-gasp from a vFanboy was “Hyper-V does not have bare-metal host deployment”.  No…

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Bring On The VMware Fanboy Hate!

For some reason, I’m getting lots of comments from vFanboys that are filled with bile and hatred.  I cannot imagine why! Maybe these folks are just angry at Obama.  Maybe they’re furious about Beiber-mania.  Maybe they’re upset that their boss just told them that they’re switching to Hyper-V and their little skills fortress is under…

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E2EVC Presentation – WS2012 Hyper-V Versus VMware vSphere 5.1 Deathmatch

This was one of the presentations that I did at the last E2EVC event in Hamburg late last year.  In it I discuss Windows Server virtualisation licensing, Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, System Center, and vSphere.  Alex Juschin (RDS MVP) has posted the video here:   Technorati Tags: Windows Server 2012,Hyper-V,Virtualisation,System Center,VMware,Licensing,Events Please follow and like…

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