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Azure-to-Azure Site Recovery Fails – Connection Cannot Be Established

In this post, I’ll explain how to fix the following errors when you attempt to replicate an Azure virtual machine from one Azure Region to another: Error 151072: Connection cannot be established to Azure Site Recovery service endpoints. And: Error 539: The requested action couldn’t be performed by the ‘A2A’ Replication Provider. The Cause A2ASR…

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Azure IaaS Design & Performance Considerations–Best Practices & Learnings From The Field

Speaker: Daniel Neumann, TSP – Azure Infrastructure, Microsoft (ex-MVP). Selecting the Best VM Size Performance of each Azure VM vCPU/core is rated using ACU, based on 100 for the Standard A-Series. E.g. D_v2 offers 210-250 per vCPU. H offers 290-300. Note that the D_v3 has lower speeds than D_v2 because it uses hyprethreading on the…

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