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Windows Server 2012 Community Events

Microsoft is organising a series of community events globally to spread the word about Windows Server 2012.  I say community because the speakers will be MVPs.  The event site will be updated over the coming months with news of more events, and watch out communications from your local sources Here, we have events in Belfast…

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Please Welcome CSVFS

If you’re using Windows Server 2012 Failover Clustering for Scale Out File Server or for HA Hyper-V then you’ve created one or more Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV).  This active-active clustered file system (where orchestration is performed by the cluster nodes rather than the file system to achieve greater scalability) is NTFS based.  But wander into…

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Platform Storage Evolved

“Windows 8 is the most cost effective HA storage solution” Storage Spaces: virtualised storage Offloaded data transfer (ODX) Data deduplication File System Availability Confidently deploy 64 TB NTFS volumes with Windows 8 with Online scan and repair: Online repair Online scan and corruption logging Scheduled repair Downtime proportional only to number of logged corruptions: scans…

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