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Microsoft News – 9 December 2014

I do not give a flying fiddlers about some wizard Accenture is selling to deploy System Center. Moving on to relevant things … Hyper-V Troubleshooting Cluster Shared Volume Auto-Pauses – Event 5120: Focus for this blog post will be auto-pauses. System Center PDT 2.65.2620 is now available on the TechNet Gallery: A new version of…

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Microsoft News – 3 December 2014

It’s been a slow period but there’s some interesting stuff in Azure networking and websites. Hyper-V Update for RDCMan: New support for connecting to VMs via Hyper-V Using RDCMan v2.7 to Connect to a VM: Using the above new feature Integration components: How Microsoft determines Windows Update applicability Windows Server Reduce VDI costs by Enabling…

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TEE14 Scripted Demo 2 – Live Exporting & Cloning Hyper-V Virtual Machines

The second demo in my presentation focused on being able to export running virtual machines. We can also export a checkpoint to create a merged export. And then we can import a VM to clone it, maybe for troubleshooting, diagnostics, performance testing, upgrade testing, and rollback testing …. all on a “production” VM with “production”…

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