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Platform Storage Evolved

“Windows 8 is the most cost effective HA storage solution” Storage Spaces: virtualised storage Offloaded data transfer (ODX) Data deduplication File System Availability Confidently deploy 64 TB NTFS volumes with Windows 8 with Online scan and repair: Online repair Online scan and corruption logging Scheduled repair Downtime proportional only to number of logged corruptions: scans…

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Windows Server 8 Hyper-V Day 1 Look Back

I’ve just been woken up from my first decent sleep (jetlag) by my first ever earthquake (3.5) and I got to thinking … yesterday (Hyper-V/Private Cloud day) was incredible.  Normally when I live blog I can find time to record what’s “in between the lines” and some of the spoken word of the presenter.  Yesterday,…

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A Deep Dive Into Hyper-V Networking

See-Mong Tan and Pankaj Garg are the speakers. Apparently Windows Server 8 is the most cloud optimised operating system yet. I did not know that. Customers want availability despite faults, and predictiability of performance, when dealing with networking. Admins want scalability and density VS customer wanting performance. Customers want specialisation with lots of choice, fore…

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