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Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Windows Server on Azure Overview, Lift-and-Shift Migrations for Enterprise Workloads

Speakers: Rob Hindman, Microsoft Elden Christensen, Microsoft Why Windows + Azure Unmatched security Built-in hybrid Most cost effective Unparalleled innovation and deep trust with enterprises Weighing Your Options Rehost – lift and shift Refactor, rearchitect or rebuild – modernize/transform Workloads Typically dictates your migration options. Windows Server 2008/R2 Lift-and-shift to Azure offers free extended security…

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Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Global Transit Network Architectures With Azure Virtual WAN

Speakers: Reshmi Yandapalli (main speaker), Principal Program Manager Ben Peeri, KPMG customer story Lots more content in the hidden slides in the download. Scale Usual stats. Interesting note: a new POP being built almost every day. Azure WAN: Global Transit Architecture The Beginning HQ/Bigger Office Branhc office(s) Users Private WAN Shared services Start with HQ.…

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Microsoft Ignite 2019 – End-to-End Security for All Your XaaS Resources

Speaker: Yinon Costica Intelligent Security Identity and access management Threat protection Information protection Cloud security Threat Actors Exposure -> Access -> Lateral Movements -> Actions How Your Teams and Users Work With The Cloud Users use SaaS (sanctioned), apps you build. Developers code apps you build, deploy to IaaS/PaaS (sanctioned). DevOps operate apps you build…

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Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Deep Dive on Azure Governance

Observe and Identify Gaps Regulatory compliance requirements News, blogs, industry expectations Bet practice guidelines Internal teams’ recommendation Built-in policies and GitHub policies And so on Authoring Custom Policy Can I use policy for this? Resource configurations Azure resources and (selectively) objects within the resource Auto-generation of aliases – Aliases abstract API versions. Resource type for…

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Network Tunnel

Private Connections to Azure PaaS Services

In this post, I’d like to explain a few options you have to get secure/private connections to Azure’s platform-as-a-service offerings. Express Route – Microsoft Peering   ExpressRoute comes in a few forms, but at a basic level, it’s a “WAN” connection to Azure virtual networks via one or more virtual network gateways; Customers this private…

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