Old Whitepapers

This is a list of whitepapers I’ve written in the last 9 months both for my site and for work.
My Site
Free to download
Old Job
Requires registration but free to download

Breaking out!

I’ve just handed in my resignation to my current employer.  Things didn’t work out as I’d hoped but there’s no hard feelings.  They’re a good bunch of geeks and I wish them well.  So, I am back on the market.  I’ll be getting back into the IT contracting game in Dublin.  So anyone looking for a Windows 2003, AD, SMS, MOM type person should have a look at my CV/resume.
One of the things I liked about working for my current employer was that I had the opportunity to spend time working on beta products from Microsoft.  I’ve just splashed out on some beefy h/w and I’ll hope to continue that while writing papers on how to make use of these products.
Look out for these in the future.