Bare Metal Recovery of Windows Server 2008 with DPM SP1

Microsoft has released guidance on how to perform a bare metal or iron level recovery of W2008 using System Center Data Protection Manager Service Pack 1.

“This technical article outlines the steps of using DPM 2007 SP1 alongside the Windows Server Backup (WSB) utility to provide a supported bare metal recovery of Windows Server 2008.

System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007 is a key member of the Microsoft System Center family of management products designed to help IT professionals manage their Windows Server environments. DPM is the new standard for Windows Server backup and recovery – delivering continuous data protection for Microsoft applications, virtualization, file servers, and desktops using seamlessly integrated disk and tape media, as well as cloud repositories. DPM enables better backups with rapid and reliable recoveries for both the IT professional and the end-user. DPM helps significantly reduce the costs and complexities associated with data protection through advanced technology for enterprises of all sizes. Using complimentary technologies in addition to DPM’s actual software, DPM 2007 SP1 can perform a bare metal recovery (BMR) to restore an entire server without an operating system”.

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Data Protection Manager Feature Pack

A feature pack that adds new functionality to DPM 2007 has been released for x86 and x64:

Issues Fixed:
  • 946647 Description of the Data Protection Manager 2007 hotfix package: January 9, 2008
  • 948373 The backup image may be corrupted if you use System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 to perform an online backup of a virtual machine that is running in Virtual Server 2005
  • 950082 Description of the Data Protection Manager 2007 hotfix package rollup 2
  • 948936 When synchronization runs in Data Protection Manager 2007, the DPM service may unexpectedly crash
  • 951557 getKB -Data Protection Manager 2007 – Hotfix
Features Added:
  • Support for backing up virtual machines on clustered Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 hosts
  • Support for sharing tape libraries between multiple DPM servers
  • Better tape utilization of tape capacity by co-locating data from multiple protection groups with similar retention range
  • System state protection for Windows Server 2008

Note: Backup of SQL 2008 (Katmai) is not supported until the released version is publicly available.