IBM Support Sucks Too

We have a support contract at work for our IBM servers and storage.  The contract defines it as 24*7 with 4 hours response time.  I logged a call 24 hours ago for a failed disk.  24 hours later I get a phone call from "Droopy" who can’t get me an engineer.  What?  Breach of contract (by 20 hours) is what IBM offers as an enterprise service.  I asked to speak to his manager.  "He’s busy".  OK, I’ll speak to his manager’s manager.  "He’s busy too".  Friggin muppets.  Imagine how much worse it’ll be when IBM hands over their server and storage brands to Lenovo?

Anyone looking at IBM hardware – forget it.  Do yourself a favour and talk to Dell or HP. 

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  1. I have always found the support to be excellent….to the point to where I would have to call off their support groups from sending someone out after hours when I was wanting to be at home.  I have opened very few cases via the web interface though.  I typically do them via phone.  Their system x support group is based out of Atlanta.  I have even have them put support engineers from Raleigh NC to fly down (6 total people) to look at an issue, do a rip and replace of my equipment, and aid in migration of data….all after what was a issue that was quite possibly self inflected…
    Now if you want to talk to someone off shore….call Dell and you get one nearly 95% of the time…and HP is right at 80% unless your a major account…ie fortune 50.

  2. Well, I finally got an explanation from IBM for why they were 20 hours late in responding according to the premium service SLA which we had paid for … they’re call centre busy.  Well boo-friggin-hoo.  If you’re busy then people have paid for a service.  Hire the numbers of english speaking people that you need.
  3. I agree.
    We are business Partners of IBM and implement their software portfolio for their clients.
    And I say this with full responsibility, that IBM’s software portfolio is terribly designed and I feel sorry for the clients ever buying them. Plus, they also provide extremely poor technical support to us, let alone the clients.
    IBM’s policy for the most part is, to do some excellent marketing, sell the product, gather the money and leave. Let the client go to ashes.

  4. @Absher Rashid totaly right ,totally agree we droped initially investment 200,000$ in the garbage
    Simply because either the IBM partner couldn’t deliver the deployment (this happened with FileNet ) , or in the second product (IBM Connections ) IBM support it self was either careless or unable to solve the issue according the terrible design of IBM products.
    We have 2 months downtime !!

  5. also the support website for the x servers is garbage. additionally you are now forced to have an IBM account to download drivers or firmware. If you manage to come to the download, they get mostly downloaded with less than 100 kbit/s, sometimes even 10! what a crap that are offering calling support…
    they also do not offer OS support if you buy their server with an OEM license. Dell does. I’m really so sad to work for a company now that’s not using dell but ibm.

  6. hi,

    I totally agree with the Author, IBM Storage Support Sucks. Highest priority only when the system is down. If raid5 storage with hot spare is down. In case of HDs failure, I have may already lost my data. IBM should rethink its priority system for storage

  7. IBM are appalling – We have support with IBM using their

    Any excuse to not do the work is taken. I have a problem with the VPN (which is dreadful – up and down like a yoyo). I raise a ticket, and they ask for my IP address (as if that is relevant? – it should work as long as I’m using a routeable IPv4 address). Then they lower the priority to P4minimal !! (WTF!), and _don’t_ call as requested – they put it on hold.

    They ask me to call with my IP address when I’m in the office! (where a) I won’t know my home IP address, b) I won’t need the VPN, and c) I won’t be able to try to run the VPN, anyway!

    That’s just one example. Colleague got a call when he was on a plane waiting to take off. “I have to go”, he says, and hangs up. THEY CALL BACK!

    Doubtless some accountant thinks this is efficient.

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