Future Decoded: My Session Is “Azure Site Recovery – Be A Super Hero!”

I’m going to be talking about Azure’s DR-as-a-Service or DR-site-in-the-cloud solution, Azure Site Recovery (ASR) at Future Decoded, a fantastic IT event by Microsoft UK beside London City Airport, on November 1/2.

“Remember; when disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed” , Stephen Cyros.

We all think that disasters never happen near us; bushfires, earthquakes and flying cows are things that happen elsewhere. But the truth is very different, disasters strike every day without making headlines, sometimes wiping out a company or just that one critical server, and the cruel thing about disasters is that they tend to strike those that are unprepared; it’s those times that the business needs a hero. Unfortunately, a hero needs to be prepared, and during a disaster is not the time to prepare. IT Pros know that we need to have DR solutions, but often they’ve proven to be too costly or too difficult to implement. Times have changed; cloud computing has democratized and simplified DR. ASR’s low cost OPEX model makes replication of physical, vSphere, or Hyper-V servers to Azure more … more so now, thanks to recent price cuts. Large and small enterprises benefit from ASR’s orchestration which makes failover easy and reliable – you can order failover of machines and build in scripted extensions, and test your orchestrated failover without impacting production systems.

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Future Decoded will have lots of great content from a variety of speakers with different backgrounds, and come along to my session to learn how you can be the super hero, and get your business back operational when everyone else is panicking.

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