Hyper-V Does Support Nested Virtualization

Actually, no, Hyper-V does not support nested virtualization but there’s nothing like a little bit of link bait to celebrate the holidays 🙂

We were topping up our Microsoft partner competencies in the office this morning. A part of that shenanigans is to site “online sales assessments”. For the Datacenter competency (including Azure, Hyper-V and System Center) the exam asks 44 questions in a sales scenario. Some of them are legit questions about product, solutions, and licensing. But most of them are either:

  • Complete bolloxology
  • Random collections of words that were copy/pasted from the Microsoft Partner Network by a loudmouth

Let me give you one example. Why does Microsoft position Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V as a more open solution than VMware? As you might have read on my site, the correct answer is that Microsoft has contributed quite a bit of code to the Linux kernel to make it natively functional on Hyper-V. This includes hot-VHDX resizing, live backup of running Linux VMs, and support for Dynamic Memory for Linux guests, all making Hyper-V the best hypervisor to run Linux on.

But no, that’s not the correct answer in the eyes of the Microsoft partner network. No; they believe that Hyper-V supports other hypervisors. Remember that Azure is based on Hyper-V so that is actually the SAME hypervisor. This incorrect correct answer implies either that Hyper-V can live migrate VMs to/from other hypervisors such as vSphere, or that Hyper-V supports nested virtualization. Of course, neither of these is true.


And there is yet another example of why Microsoft’s entire examination process (including the MCP certification process) is not taken seriously by anyone outside of the staff of the Microsoft Partner Network, HR departments, and head hunters.

2 thoughts on “Hyper-V Does Support Nested Virtualization”

  1. Hi Aidan,

    interesting point for me also:
    A famous german Blogger (Marc Grote) wrotes this here after the Container Session from the Build:
    http://www.it-training-grote.de/blog/?p=6968 (Hyper-V Nested Virtualization is possible in Server vNext)
    After i saw this session, im not sure if its realy possible what im thinking: Running a VM in Hyper-V on a VM or if this is only for the new Hyper-V Container 😉

    1. This post is OLD: December 2014 to be precise. Containers aren’t even out yet (WS2016) in H1 2016. Hmm.

      And while nested virtualization is mentioned for containers, go read my notes on “what’s new in Hyper-V” and you’ll find that Ben Armstrong is not talking about nested virtualization.

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