What Is The Default Password For WS2012 R2 Preview VHD?

I just deployed a downloaded pre-installed VHD with Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview with the intention of using it for WDS in the lab – and deploy the rest of the WSSC 2012 R2 Preview lab.  I tried to log in and … what is the password?

It’s not:

  • <Blank>
  • Password
  • Password00
  • P@ssword
  • P@ssword1
  • Or any other variation

I checked the extracted folder and all I found was that by extracting the EXE I’d agreed to donate body parts to MSFT executives, etc.  Web searches were fruitless.  I reached out to the Twitterverse and was told by Ed Baker (who spent a morning searching) that the password is actually:


The password includes the exclamation mark.  Make sure you change it afterwards Smile

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