Windows 8–“You Already Own This App” But It’s Missing Or Not Installed

I just had a weird issue where some apps got messed up on my Windows 8 PC at work.  They disappeared.  I went onto the Windows Store to re-install them but according to the store:

You already own this app

Sure, I might “own” it, but it’s not installed.  How do I fix that?

It’s not obvious but there is a way to sort it out in the Windows Store:

  • Open the Windows Store.
  • Left click or swipe from the top, and click/touch Your Apps.
  • In the top left change Apps Not Installed On This PC to Apps Installed On <Name Of Device>.  This is because the store thinks that the app is actually installed.
  • Click/touch the app(s) that is missing.
  • In the bottom, click Install.  This is … a repair I suppose.

Bob’s your uncle!

Note: This does not seem to work with the default Microsoft apps.  I don’t have a solution for this yet.

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9 thoughts on “Windows 8–“You Already Own This App” But It’s Missing Or Not Installed”

  1. Jesus, how much time I’ve wasted trying to find the Metro apps… There’s no tooltip, no hint, nothing. Right click did it, can’t believe it. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Some apps are just being removed from the store. There is no notice. This includes paid apps. I was having trouble with OutCOldPlayer and uninstalled it. It was no longer in the Windows store. Further research shows it no longer worked because Google made some changes to their API.

    Today I went to use my Windows Youtube player, Hyper, which I think I paid $5 only to find it too is gone!


  3. I can’t even get the screen to come down to show my apps. Went to geek squad they tried to help. They finally got the my apps, we tried what you said but it still won’t install. pissed because I paid a lot of money for magic puzzles.

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