Adding an SD Card To Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 tablets typically have a MicroSD card expansion port, allowing you to easily add more storage.  Some have an SD card.  I splashed out on a 64 GB MicroSD card with an SD adapter that arrived this morning.  I added it to my tablet.  The plan was to move my libraries to there so I can use the on-board 64 GB for programs and apps, and use the expansion for SkyDrive sync (my documents), photos, videos, and music.

Problem: you cannot move libraries to removable storage.  Solution: mount the MicroSD card in a folder in the C: drive, as Paul Thurrott has a guide for.  I removed the old folders from the libraries, relying totally on the MicroSD.  Now I need to make sure that I don’t remove or lose the MicroSD card (it’s in a covered port).  And my content is synced to SkyDrive and on my other machines anyway.

I’ve installed the SkyDrive program which is in Live Essentials.  And I’m now syncing my content.

To speed things along, I’ve plugged the USB/RJ45 network adapter dongle from my Asus UX31 ultrabook into the tablet.

So what’s going on here that iPad can’t do?

  • I can plug in USB devices – up to 3 with my tablet docked in the keyboard.  So I can reuse existing investments without relying on specialist dongles.
  • I can add additional storage. I can envision a day when 128 GB MicroSD is around and affordable.  Some of the “pro” tablets have 2 MicroSD ports!
  • I am using Windows 8 Pro so I can install the SkyDrive program (as well as the Windows Store app) and sync my content locally.
  • I’m using the familiar Windows storage system, not some locked down & inflexible in-app storage that can’t be shared between apps.
  • I’m using my free SkyDrive allocation to sync between my tablet, PCs, and laptop, with all programs able to use all data.
  • Any apps I use to create/use data on my Windows 8 Pro tablet are also available on laptops/PCs

In other words, my tablet is allowing me to work & play the way that I work & play, rather than me having to bend to the will of some h/w designer.

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2 Replies to “Adding an SD Card To Windows 8 Tablet”

  1. I too have bought a samsung 500T with a 64g micro sd card (but why do you need an adapter). I followed the Paul T method of creating a music library. All hunky dory. The desktop wmp recognizes the library for instance. But the xbox app does not, Very likely because the contents of library arent being indexed, and I simply cannot figure out how to force windows to index since thats not offered as an option. Would be most grateful for workarounds/solutions! Is driving me crazy!

    • I have the same issue on my HP Envy X2. Its driving me nuts – tried so many different things… Apparently the issue will be solved with Windows 8.1, but I really don’t want to wait that long and I don’t want install the preview. #FirstWorldProblems

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