Book: Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez

I decided to take tonight off from writing due to fatigue so I was screwing around on my Build slate PC and found a news story that caught my attention in one of the apps.  It appears that the US Navy is working on drone technology that promises a “pilotless future”:


“Holy crap!” I thought.  I’ve been reading about this stuff in Daniel Suarez’s new book, Kill Decision. I raved about his past two books, Daemon and Freedom ™.  He manages to do something that we techies think is impossible; he writes believable tech thrillers.  There is no clicking on magical Pi symbols, there is no Matrix (well … there is … sort of . in those two books).

Several months ago the the new book, Kill Decision, appeared on Amazon as a pre-order.  I clicked, and a few weeks ago I got an email to say that it was downloaded to my Kindle – I love that!

Kill Decision isn’t a sequel to the other two books. It’s a whole new thread, in a world where drones are being used by the enemy.  I’ll say no more, but if you’ve read the previous books then you know there will be tech, it will be believable, and the plot will be interesting. 

I’m reading it at night when I go to bed, and I’m about 60% of the way through, enjoying it greatly.  I wasn’t going to mention it until I’d finished, but I was watching Windows Weekly and Paul Thurrott mentioned that he was enjoying reading it on his vacation.

Read this book, and then go back and read about the US Navy X-47B.  Sca-ary!

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  1. If you can’t get enough of Daniel Suarez, check out his audio interview at Augmented Reality Dirt Podcast – ardirt{dot}com/12. Also subscribe to the blog and get the chance to win a free copy of Kill Decision. Daniel Suarez talks more about Kill Decision, Daemon and FreedomTM.

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