Three Quarters of Datacenter Managers Admit To Failing On Performance

There is an alarming story on this morning where that majority of IT managers are admitting that they do not adequately manage the quality of service that their data centres (or clouds) are delivering.

A survey of over 400 European data centre managers found that while 93% of them acknowledged the criticality of optimising application performance across their data centres and networks, the large majority said they were failing to do so

Sounds like they need to start using System Center Operations Manager to monitor network, storage, hardware (servers/blades/chassis/etc), operating systems, applications, code, services, and service level agreement from a component and a service perspective.

Embracing automation (System Center Orchestrator) and self-service (System Center Service Manager and the entire suite) frees up engineer/operator time in the cloud where data centres are filled with centralised, broadly available, and measured/controlled/secured infrastructure and services.  It is the responsibility of the data centre, as the “hosting company” of this cloud, to guarantee SLAs.  SLAs cannot be measured or met without adequate systems management.

So here’s my advice if you are setting company strategy for the cloud:

  • If you’re implementing private cloud then ask your tech staff, IT Manager, CIO (or whatever) what complete and deeply integrated/automated systems management solution they are using.  Nagios is not the correct answer because it meets none of the criteria (complete, deep, integration, automation, etc).  Make sure you’re going to see quarterly/annual reports appearing automatically in your inbox or on a SharePoint site for you to review.
  • If you’re about to place your services in a public cloud, ask the same question.  And make sure you have visibility of the monitoring for yourself.
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