4 thoughts on “Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate is OUT”

  1. Hi Aidan,
    Great news! Do you know if it will be possible to upgrade the RC to RTM when release? I doubt, but still…

  2. Do you know if there will be an in-place upgrade option if you’re currently running a Windows 2008 R2/Hyper-V Server R2 cluster? Would we have to build out a new W2012 cluster first and then migrate existing VMs or is there a way to introduce a W2012 node into a W2008 cluster, move existing VMs to that node, and then upgrade the rest of the nodes one at a time?

    1. There won’t. I’d expect MSFT to start talking about the path forward at TechEd this week. It’ll likely be a new cluster where you swap out hosts.

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