Event: Private Cloud Academy – DPM 2010

The next Private Cloud Academy event, co-sponsored by Microsoft and System Dynamics, is on next Friday 25th March, 2011.  At this free session, you’ll learn all about using System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010 to backup your Hyper-V compute cluster and the applications that run on it.  Once again, I am the presenter.

I’m going to spend maybe a 1/3 of the session talking about Hyper-V cluster design, focusing particularly the storage.  Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) storage level backup are convenient but there are things you need to be aware of when you design the compute cluster … or face the prospect of poor performance, blue screens of death, and a P45 (pink slip aka getting fired).  This affects Hyper-V when being backed up by anything, not just DPM 2010.

With that out of the way, I’ll move on to very demo-centric DPM content – I’m spending most of next week building the demo lab.  I’ll talk about backing up VMs and their applications, and the different approaches that you can take.  I’ll also be looking at how you can replicate DPM backup content to a secondary (DR) site, and how you can take advantage of this to get a relatively cheap DR replication solution.

Expect this session to last the usual 3-3.5 hours, starting at 09:30 sharp.  Note that the location has changed; we’ll be in the Auditorium in Building 3 in Sandyford.  You can register here.

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