Some HP and Hyper-V Links

Patrick Lownds, a fellow virtualisation MVP over in the UK, has provided a couple of useful links if you are running Hyper-V on HP equipment.  The first is a post on best practice guidance if you are running Hyper-V on a HP EVA SAN.  There is a whitepaper that goes through HP’s recommendations on this.  It was interesting to see they saw a fixed VHD’s get 7% more IOPS at 7% less latency than dynamic VHD’s.

The ProTips for HP are also available.  They’re not easy to find but Patrick provided me with a link.  The idea here is that HP SIM agents (which you should be installing, even if you don’t use the HP or other management software) detect hardware issues.  OpsMgr then picks up the alert and notifies VMM using the HP Pro Tips.  VMM can then take action, e.g. migrating VM’s from one host to another in the cluster.

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