More Unhappy Vodafone Ireland Home Broadband Customers

I am far from being the only unhappy Vodafone Ireland home broadband customer.  A bit of simple searching and you’ll find:

Vodafone’s mess is also affecting other ISP’s.  Don’t bother touching Perlico broadband.  They appear to use the Vodafone Ireland network and are affected by this.

28 thoughts on “More Unhappy Vodafone Ireland Home Broadband Customers”

  1. I don’t get this. I was recently moved from ESAT BT to Vodafone for the Broadband service and like a lot of customers out there, the resultant QOS went into the toliet. I was promised greater speeds (cough), cheaper broadband (not narrowband), I suddently thought that I was back to the good olde days of dial-up and waiting for those obviously dodegy RTE news website pages from loading. You click on a website, like the really slow Amazon or EBAY and you wait for some or all of the pages to load. Now I know the first thing you will say is:

    1. Reset your router – do that now every 12 hours.
    2. Check your DNS – nope not there, that works fine
    3. Check your desktop, laptops, blah, blah but they funnily enough are also fine.
    4. Avoid any traffic shapping, QOS features – don’t have them as I don’t have an real QOS to contend with.

    Conclusion is that its not Vodafone, its the birdie on the wire with the cutters in its beak. I know I haven’t been feeding them recently. The problem appears to be heavily related to transparent web filtering, but I sure would like to get to the bottom of it. However, feck it, as we live in a free Market, if they cannot solve it quickly, it might just be the right time to knock on NTL’s front door.

  2. Well despite my protests, Vodafone have not managed to investigate the problem with my Broadband. AS a result, the ‘birdie’ on the wire has won with his virtual cutters, and I have terminated my contract. As they say, if you are not happy with the very poor service, then vote with your keyboard and go to a competitor. In this instance, it is NTL.

  3. I also am having brutal service with the vodafone 7mb broadband. It can be 6mb at one stage and then only 2mb ten minutes later and lose signal completely at least twice a day. Their technical support team have not been able to offer any solution only “guessing” what the problems are and not trying to fix them. I too have decided to terminate my contract. I would go to Ntl too as their broadband is great but unfortunately its not available in my area. Can any one recommend another provider?

  4. I switched from Gaelic Telecom to Vodafone. I had no service problems with Gaelic but my broadband/internet is constantly going down now with lots of vodafone DNS messages. I keep phoning vodafone but they tell me that there is no problem with their service. I have paid an engineer to check the phone wiring in the house, filters etc and he advises that there is no problem and yet the problem persists. I am not being funny but is it possible that vodafone are aware of problems but are not prepared to admit it leaving customers demented.

  5. It’s a shame that people are still being let down by their broadband providers, considering now we’ve so many compare broadband providers out there in the marketplace, it’s shocking to see issues with poor broadband coverage and customer service still prevailing

  6. I have had nothing but problems with Vodafone broadband, the speed the give is a joke. Why it was transferred from BT without a chance to change at the time, escapes me. I am now investigating other suppliers.

  7. Yep, the worst broadband service in short history of Irish broadband. After 20 years with Eircom, 18 months ago I switched to BT so I could have faster broadband. Troubles were immediately evident, but after the sale to Vodafone it has become unmanageable – constant dropping of internet, rebooting router and yes, there is nothing wrong with my settings/computers/routers Vodafone – its you!…. Last week decided to swallow my pride and switched back to Eircom NGB. Neighbour did it few month back and has never lost a connection and although its only 8MB comparing to my 12/13MB (when I can get it), because its uncongested, seems faster. Good riddance.

  8. Yes – nodding my head to everything. Wish I had never heard of Vodafone. Thinking of switching to UPC standalone Fibre, what do you think? One of my friends has Eircom and has dropped connection problems, whilst another is on Imagine and the speed on that is snails pace!
    Is there a sight that can actually tell us who the best internet providers are on this Island (as opposed to the best prices …)?

  9. My VF broadband drops 2-3 times per day, they acknowledge its an authentication problem on their side but say they can do nothing about it. Gotta change in 2011

  10. BT was good in comparison to Vodafone. I had a constant connection, and when the speeds were automatically increased, the service continued.

    I am having terrible problems with Vodafone for quite a few months now, and just like many of the comments above, Vodafone seem to be in denial. They are keen to blame everybody else, modem, alarm, wiring, my non-existant sky box… they’re close to blaming the man on the moon at this stage. Anything and everybody, but themselves.

    My problems are as others have described, loss of connection, reduced speeds. Similar comments and complaints feature on various other forums.

    Come on Vodafone. You need to acknowledge that you have many many dissatisfied customers experiencing identical problems, with no sign of a resolution.

    As a large corporate body, Vodafone should act in a professional manner, accept their responsibilities and start resolving the issues.

  11. for months now my vodafone broadband has deteriorated to almost dialup speeds.
    their specialists (i use that word loosely) have no idea why vodafone service is running at last century speeds.
    i will be cancelling and restating my eircom contract.

  12. vodafone a sick joke cannot get service rang 1907 they tell me everything fine yet cannot get service. Yet will not release from contract.

  13. Switched to Vodafone and was it the sorry day I have constant dropping for few hours or maybe a day. Eircom Engineer checked line no problem but vodafone tell me there is interference on my line (blame sky etc.,) pulling my hair out at this stage. I am in a contract with them, anyone ideas how I can get out of it?

  14. Hi Guys its nice to know that I’m not alone I was with BT but was sold into slavery to Vodafone the first couple of months were ok but it has got steadily worse now I have download speeds of between 601kbs and 655kbs what a joke? I called tech support and they told me that everything was fine that it may be a problem with my house telephone line I got Eircom out to check the line out lines were ok done all sorts of tests on them and still the same speed. I have been on to tech support so many times at this stage I’m sure they think that I work there. I was then told by tech support maybe it could be a problem with my computer took to a company to check it out but it was fine that was the straw that broke the camel’s back I have now gone back to Eircom and so don’t touch Vodafone with a 40ft barge poll. regards Martin

  15. Not only is Vodafone Broadband service brutally dire, their customer service leaves alot to be desired.On at least four occasions they have told me they will ring me back and never did. I wonder is this standard Vodafone policy. I have also been given the complete run a round by members of Vodafone shop staff, they tell me to ring the help lines and when I do the help line staff tell me to go into the shop, each passing the buck around. From a COMMUNICATIONS company this is a complete joke.

    1. I have just left Vodafone broadband and switched to Sky Broadband. The broadband service was brutal and I AM BEING KIND. The modem would only work if an erthnet was plugged into the back of it. I owe them over 350 euros as I am in contract with them. My wife and I both spoke to a lady in Customer service and she told us she will pursue us for the outstanding money left on our contract. She was shouting down the phone to my wife… totally unprofessional. I asked for somebody in a more senior position to ring me back, the lady said somebody would. I am still waiting.
      I am with sky broadband just over a week…. very goods speeds and I have internet service in all rooms in the house.

  16. Very bad service, i sign up a broadband plan on September 11th, till now 08 October the internet still not working. I did ring them more than 5 times, keep asking me give them one more chance to fix it….. WTH ! Really fed up for keep waiting and waiting……

  17. I have had nothing but continuous problems with Vodafone since they took over from BT.
    I thought BT were bad but Vodafone are Disgraceful, no matter how many times you contact them its never their problem but yours, their excuses range from someone must have built a tall structure beside you which is blocking your signal,( no not that I live in the country),you must have a bad laptop,( no not that I have a new laptop ),your wiring inside the house is old or badly done, ( no new house wiring checked and ok), or your router is old and not working properly,( no not that on 3rd router now still having problems.
    When I asked for any solutions ,I was told that the best solution would be to relocate to a major city where I could get better service, then I would have no problems.
    Relocating not possible as I cannot lift my house and bring it with me, so sorry Vodafone your solution was very unhelpful, but if I ever do relocate I will definitely not use your service, sorry my mistake you don’t provide a service so how could I use it.

  18. I have phoned vodaphone ie at least twenty times in the last two months it is a fucking joke .put on hold for ages talking to people who don’t give a shit about the customer only what money they can get .I signed up for landline internet on nov th7th its now 6th dec and still isn’t working any advice to getting rid of this lot they are ajoke

  19. Am having terrible problems with vodafone, again like otjers the problem is always our fault..old wiring – box – no- plugged out- insulation..On installation they ignored the existing point and installed a new point right behind the TV…They maintain that the tv could be the source of the interference but when I asked to move the point they said it would cost me a “couple of hundred euro”..Their customer service are extremely arrogant.
    I signed up in October 2014 on a18 month contract..I was told that I would be face a financial penalty if I left….How can I leave without suffering a finacial hit?

  20. Well hey everyone! Like majority of you, i am also suffering from the pathetic service Vodafone provides. For the past year, i have been facing COUNTLESS problems with them. In the July-October 2014, i had internet Drop-Outs every day, i would have internet off for hours, and it would only come back for 5-10 minutes (if it would comeback at all) i was ringing them every second, or third day in a hope that they would resolve the issue. At least 3 different support agents told me, and 100% assured me the problem was with my 7 year old router (shouldnt have mentioned the age to them) OK, at that stage i decided to go along with it and change to a new “powerful” modem with a Vodafone logo on it (HAHA). So the Router arrives in 2 days, THE PROBLEM IS STILL PRESENT, WHAT A SURPRISE! I was getting the engineer at least 3 times into the house to check the problem, third time lucky, the engineer found the problem, and i wish i could shout into every single one of Vodafone’s support agent ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ but the problem indeed wasnt from my side, it was somewhere 2 miles away from my house. The problem was fixed at last, but for how long? 3 months is probably the amount of time i got to enjoy the Internet without drop outs and here i am in 2015, with their pathetic 2.6mb/s connection, suffering every day from constant ping rises despite the fact that no one else is using the Internet in the house, and still today i am facing issues and drop outs fairly constantly. I dont even want to ring Vodafone any more as i just wont get anywhere with them… Time to switch.. i have been suffering this nonsense for too long

  21. Just got “unlimited superfast fiber broadband”. 0.8 Mbps download 0.1 Mbps upload. Unbelievable…

  22. Just be careful that you don’t switch to another broadband provider while still under contract with Vodafone, otherwise you can expect a bill for the remainder of your contract payable all in one go. Also, if you do leave, expect to be plagued by calls from Vodafone trying to get you come back after they have shafted you.
    I would rather do without than have anything to do with this shower of ***** again.

  23. i also had a terrible experience with vodaphone , swiched back again to ere . new advancd technolegy white rabbits head did not work . all the answers from 1907 very poor service

  24. I have the same problem with my Vodafone broadband, works fine for a few days, then for no apparent reason it drops off, if I reboot DSL router it works again but will drop off again minutes later. Have tried everything with Vodafone but no solution to my problem. I think its time to move somewhere else

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