Looking Into Other Ways To Automate Maintenance Mode

I’m going to be looking at alternative ways to put computers and other monitored resources (e.g. Web and port monitors) into maintenance mode in Operations Manager 2007 R2 this week.  We pushed out patches this weekend.  We warned customers that they might get one or two nuisance alerts.  Sure, each of them just got a couple of alerts but we got a LOT because we get all of them.  I’ve tried a few batch script and task scheduler approaches and each of them has sucked.

I’m going to have to do this in PowerShell I think.  I’ll see how this week goes.  Any non-customer engineering is frozen until the new year.  I don’t want to make changes that may cause unwanted faults over the holidays.  That gives me some time to do some work; I hope!  Pre-sales is still busy and I’m even going out on-site with some hosting customers to do some work with them.

Post a comment to let me know how you get around scheduling maintenance mode in OpsMgr.

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2 thoughts on “Looking Into Other Ways To Automate Maintenance Mode”

  1. Hi Aiden,

    Where is the current scripted approach hurting? I tried to post some links to blogs with gui’s, scheduled maintenance management packs but that seems to go wrong …

    Take care.

    1. When I test the script everything works perfect. But come 6am or 1am on a Saturday morning when it’s “fired in anger” the results fail to materialise. Plus the exe I’m using (can’t remember the name) can only work with computer accounts, not things like port monitors or web monitors running on other hosts.

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