Call Time On The Windows User Group?

It is getting to the point where I’m considering shutting down my efforts on the Windows User Group.  A lot of time goes into arranging an event, let alone speaking at one.  Time after time, I hear people moaning that they don’t know how to do something and they aren’t given the information.  Two of those topics were how to deploy Windows and how to make legacy applications work on a new version of Windows.  The last two events we ran were focused on those topics. 

Today was application compatibility.  Vikas Sahni, a MS trained expert on the subject, took the time to prepare a presentation and give it at no cost to anyone and at great effort for himself.  4 people turned up.

That’s just pathetic.  Around 6,200 people were made aware of this event.  Now I know there are people who cannot make it to every single event.  But out of 6,200 people I would expect maybe 20 or 30 would have the time, would care enough, and would make the effort.  But no, that’s just not the Irish way.

Foreign speakers who have presented here cannot believe how bad the Irish audience is at turning up for events compared to their own and other countries.  Microsoft Ireland even knows that if 30 people register for one of their events that they only need to have catering for 12.  Someone who works here and regularly speaks here was amazed at the turnout to an event that they presented at in Iceland and wished it was like that here.

Some will say “maybe if you had the event at 14:00 or 19:00”.  It doesn’t make a difference.  I was once at a fully registered event at 14:00 and 2 people turned up.  Our last night time event (on Windows 7) in the Spring last year had a handful of people turn up.

As I said, it isn’t down to effort.  6,200+ people were notified of these events.  IT “pros” in Ireland don’t care.  I’m wondering why I do.

Suggestions other than “I’m too busy” and “Have it at X time” are welcome.

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